This website

This is a website that I pretty much wrote entirely on my own. The artwork was supplied by the very talented Elizabeth M. Boris and a few pointers were given to me along the way from friends and family in the Information Technology industry. I had taken a web design course nearly a decade ago and was able to put together something simple and did the job. It's also hosted off of a very small computer called a Raspberry Pi and running a very slimmed down version of Ubuntu as the operating system. I've got a picture of it here with a silver dollar next to it for size refrence.

I believe that this is a prime example of how anyone can accomplish something even if they know nearly nothing about the subject matter as long as they have the drive to learn along the way.


I've had to develop my own writing format when producing this show. One of my biggest concerns when writing up a new script for the next episode that I'll be filming is that someone with far more education than myself might watch the show and have a thing or two to say about the information that's being presented. Its for this reason that I've adopted a format that is a hybrid between a traditional movie script and a college term paper. You can download a copy of the pilot episode script by going to the Downloads section of this web page.

At the very end of the script is a works cited page. Here each of the publications used to research the answers is notated. Each time a statistic is quoted, a definition is listed or a law or theory is defined; the script indicates which of these scholarly sources supplied the information. Documentation is an important step in any scientific endeavor.

"I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these 'how' and 'why' questions. Occasionally, I find an answer." - Stephen Hawking